Antiques Musical Instruments (Pre-1930) Other Antique Instruments
Antique Josef Richter Violin Bow Germany
Very Rare Antique 1880s Foot's London Orchestra Music Stand J Foot & Son - NICE!
Zither Cithare Instrument German Tyrol c1895 Trade Ad Card
Vintage Artist Violin Bow 8 Sided Shaft Germany
Ukelele 1920s vintage 4-string Banjo style round body 16-Frets
Musical The Bell Harp Company Harp Antique Music Instrument. Fantastic!
Antique Epworth Pump Organ
Guildhall School of Music England 1889 Prints & Article
Antique Vintage Seth Thomas Wooden Piano Metronome Working Maelzel Paquet France
Franz Electric Metronome (Excellent Condition) with Light. Works great ! 
Vintage Harmonica Mouths Parrot Mod Tremolo-Mid 900 32 Holes
Antique WESTON "GALVANOMETER" DC Gauge Model 375 Steampunk Art
Antique 1910 California Suite For Pianoforte By Rudolf Frill Music Book
J G Deagan Xylophone for Old Pipe Organ Wood Chambers Missing Some Pieces
Hungarian Violin Ungaran Geige Hongrie Violon 1898 Trade Ad Card
Antique De Maelzel Metronome Paris France Wood Mechanical Music Timer 1800's ?
Antique Selmer Bundy Resonite Clarinet with Case LOOK
Mason Hamlin Organ
Antique 1900 "Guaranteed Correct" Pitch Pipe Violin Tuner Made In America W/Box
Antique Pitch Pipe Six Notes Well Over 100 Years Old
Antique 1885 W H Saxton Silver Conductors Baton Kirmes from the Gypsies Wand
Antique Chadwick London Violin Bow Bausch Workshop
RARE Signed Duval Vintage Antique Brass REAL Steer Horn Trumpet ! Bugle
Janssen piano from 1907 to 1908
Antique Josef Richter Violin Bow Broken Tip Germany
1926 Victrola record player
Antique 1925 Steinway reproducing grand piano 88 keys
Early 11" x 2.5" Piano Brass Emblem Badge JACOB DOLL / BAUS PIANO CO. NEW YORK
Antique Chickering & Sons 67BB Art Piano Plate
Vintage S Eastman Violin Bow Came with Violin Attributed to Buffalo Bill Cody
Antique Conn 16 Clarinet with Case C43645 with Conn EZ Tone Mouthpiece LOOK
NICE American 20" Tall Chord Zither w/ Eagle "E. Pluribus Unum" Seal - Pat. 1894
1910's Smith and Barnes Cabinet grand piano
MUSIC George Frederick Handel Lovely 1913 Antique Print
Antique Glass Harp, Harmonicon, Blown Glass, C. 1830s Music, Folk Art Primitive
Vintage Novitat Accordion Germany Needs Work!!!
MUSICIAN Conductor Arturo Toscanini, 1917 Vintage Print
Antique Oak Regina Music Box Double Combs Several Discs & Oak Storage Cabinet
MUSICIAN Conductor Arthur Nikisch, 1917 Vintage Print
MUSIC Johann Sebastian Bach, Lovely 1913 Antique Print
MUSICIAN Orchestra Hector Berlioz, 1917 Vintage Print
Vintage S Eastman Violin Bow 8 Sided Shaft Cats Eye Frog
1940 Horner accordian,WITH CASE ALL PAPER I S GOOD Has music book
Ant Knoll Violin Bow Eight Sided Shaft Silver Winding & Silver/Ebony Adj Screw
Antique Radio Frequency Gauge Steampunk Art
1895 Antique Vintage Kimball Chicago Piano #S146
Madeley Choral Society Anstice Elijah c1922 Historic Silver Conductors Baton
Early Antique Canvas Open End Violin Cases For Wall Art
Square Grand Piano Nunns & Fischer
MUSIC Ludwig von Beethoven, Lovely 1913 Antique Print
antique player piano W/scrolls
Player Piano Pneumatic Keyboard Invention 1915 Ad Trade Card 23
Ebony Hardwood Re-Claimed Piano Keys
1924 Brunswick Panatrope - repurposed as record player and 8 track
Antique Tourte Saxony (and Other Letters) Violin Bow Six Sided Shaft w/ Frog
Music Stand, Solid Brass, Antique!!! ****Rare****
Antique Piano Orchestrion " Klepetar Prague" 1905
Regina Music Box Changer
Historical, antique , Ancient grenadilla Emil Rittershausen Berlin Circa 1900
antique mid century Hammond organ
Crystal Crystalab Metronoma antique vintage wood wooden case metronome
zono-phone phonogragh talking machine
Sheet Music circa 1920s Collection of 10 Originals
1925 Eagle Seeburg Nickelodeon Orchestrion Player KT
Seth Thomas Wind Up Metronome De Maelzel Conductor Model 1104 (E500-000)
Orig 1907 ~ 1935 ** On The Road to Mandalay ** Sheet Music by Oley Speaks
Antique Gabler, Ernest & Brother Grand Piano
Baby Grand Piano, Anton Julius Eder, Circa 1880, Budapest, Austria-Hungary
1900 Painted Cast Iron Female Mermaid Puck Cylinder Phonograph & Horn Working
silvestri ivory and gold full accordian
Seth Thomas Wind Up Metronome De Maelzel Piano Conductor Model 1104 (E500-000)
Marshall And Wendell Player Piano
1909 Wing & Son, Five Pedal Upright Piano
Orig 1907 HAIL TO VICTORY March Sheet Music W.C. Powell ~ Morris Music PHILA, PA
Antique piano rolls lot#1
Antique Reuge music box great working condition mechanism clean this fall
Piano Organ Sheet Music Gospel and Love Song Academic Edition Sacred Songs MS48
Antique piano rolls Lot # 7
Antique Grand Harmonicon / Glass Harp / Musical Glasses c. 1830, Baltimore, MD
Antique A.B. Chase Grand Piano Built in 1913 USA Beautifully Preserved
Authentic Civil War Era French Flutina
Vintage Marx & Marx Liberty Harp Hand Made Musical Instrument 1880s Chicago USA
Old Time BASTARI Squeeze Box Accordian Made in Italy
1874 Mason & Hamlin award winning dated and stamped original organ world fair
1st ACCORDION PATENT Art Print 1854 Faas READY TO FRAME!! First Accordian
Lawrence Welk and Orchestra Champagne Music Varieties Boxed Set 78LP - 1970
Antique Wing & Son upright piano circa right at 1900
ANTIQUE NOVITAT ACCORDION----1890'S------------------------------------------sk
Antique Wing & Son 1914 Grand Concert upright piano. In great condition.
Antique Moreschi & Sons Piano Key Accordion Italian made with Case 1930's?
Vintage Robert A Dolling Violin 1920s Copie of Antonius Stradivarius
Ion Audio Party Starter Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Light Show
Antique Wing & Son upright piano circa right at 1900
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Appraisal fair coming to Heritage Village
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Musical statutes
The MIA is trying to argue with the government that musical ... no guarantee that instruments made before 1992 are safe, as some had suggested. Pre-1947, by the way, are considered antiques, so long as they are finished articles - in other words not ...
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Foundation honors Atwell’s memory
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But on Sunday’s April 14th respite from tax deadlines, the Bennewitz Quartet went ... as not to upset Mozart’s classical surfaces. The judicious vibrato frees the Bennewitz from the uniformity of color and texture one hears from many modern quartets ...